A foul ball in a Minor League baseball game destroyed an announcer's computer while he was calling the game

Photo courtesy of the Jacksonville Jumbo ShrimpJacksonville Jumbo Shrimp announcer Roger Hoover.

  • A foul ball in a minor league baseball game hit, and completely cracked, the play-by-play announcer’s computer.
  • But the announcer, Robert Hoover, handled it like a total pro.

Roger Hoover, the play-by-play announcer for the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, was calling what was supposed to be a routine AA baseball game, when a foul ball went really afoul.

“Swing, and it’s a foul ball . . . off my computer, oh my goodness,” said Hoover.

Then, after a long pause, he said, “That just happened. So my computer is uh, completely cracked.”

Hoover also said he did try and stop the foul ball with his hand, but was unable to do so.

“And this just became one of the worst days I have had in quite some time.”

Despite the disappointment, Hoover handled the incident like a total pro, his voice betraying no frustration or anger with the turn of events, and he went back to calling the events on the field.

But he will certainly need to get this replaced.

You can hear Hoover’s live commentary below.

The Jumbo Shrimp later made humour of the situation on Twitter, something Hoover, all things considered, took pretty well.

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