33 Gorgeous Instagram Photos From A Guy Who Ditched NYC To Live Out Of His Van

In 2011, Foster Huntington made a life-changing decision. He would quit his job designing for Ralph Lauren in New York City and ditch life as he knew it for something drastically different: Living out of a van as he traveled the country.

A snowboard and surfing enthusiast, the Colby College graduate embarked on a life living inside a VW Synchro, putting on mile after mile as he documented everything his saw with his camera.

Through his blogs, A Restless Transplant and Van-Life, he created a movement and a community centered around a new nomadic way of living in the 21st century.

Through Kickstarter, Huntington published a book “Home Is Where You Park It” — a collection of his photos — and “The Burning House,” which implores readers to consider what they value. Now Huntington is somewhat of a poster child for brands like Patagonia and Urban Outfitters.

Along with his friends, Huntington now has lived this way for over 3 years, transforming vans and buses into living spaces (check out the #vanlife tag on Instagram), building treehouses and cabins along the West coast, and simply living life on his own terms, all while being able to translate his lifestyle into a profitable business.

The photos that Huntington takes are stunning. Take a look at what life is like for him through his pictures on Instagram.

Warning: You will be tempted to follow in his footsteps.

In 2011, Foster Huntington left his job designing for Ralph Lauren and his apartment in Manhattan, and made a decision that would change his life.

So he bought a van and decided it would be his new home.

Armed with a camera and the essentials, Huntington set out West for a new and different life.

Instead of crowded subways and a skyscraper skyline, this was his new view.

And this was his new view.

And this.

He's the landlord of his own home. In an interview with needsupply.com, Huntington admits he's had to do his fair share of mechanical work on his van.

Huntington blogged and snapped photos, sharing his adventures on various blogs and websites.

Soon, brands like Patagonia were begging to work with him, sending him on trips all over the world.

Huntington has put hundreds of thousands of miles on his van. As his posts gained more and more attention, Huntington coined a motto: 'Home Is Where You Park It.'

Anywhere at all.

Huntington spends the majority of his time travelling on the West coast, where he can snowboard.

And surf.

And of course, relax.

'My favourite part of living in my camper is that you can go anywhere. It's like having a mobile fort. My life is self contained and spontaneous,' Huntington told needsupply.com in 2013.

What about food?

Meals are simple...

and prepared simply.

By now, Huntington had amassed tons of followers on the internet, so he began a Kickstarter project for a photo book, titled with his favourite phrase. It was published in May 2014.

He also created a community -- #vanlife -- with others living the same lifestyle. Some of the vans and campers are incredible, like this one.

The group began building small cabins. Huntington always had a love for minimalism, which inspired his book 'The Burning House.'

'The Burning House' asks the question: What do you value?

And 'what would you need to take with you if your home was on fire?'

It's unclear if these goats were allowed to stay.

Huntington says the response to that book was so overwhelming, it made him rethink his initial 20 items. He told needsupply.com that he knows everything can be replaced 'but he'd take undeveloped film.'

You don't always have to sleep in the van.

Lots of times, the crew pitches tents.

In addition to the cabins, the community has also found success in building tree houses and forts.

It's a team effort.

And it can take a while to complete.

But the finished product? Awesome.

Huntington seems very happy with his decision of life as a modern nomad.

Because after all, 'home is where you park it.'

Now check out what NYC would look like...

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