Fortune "Silences" Facebook Critic Quittner

Good thing there’s no such thing as conflicts-of-interest in the journalism business. Over at Fortune, executive editor Josh Quittner wrote a scathing obituary of Facebook a few days ago. This got a few quizzical links in the heat of Beacongate but, more importantly, it all but guaranteed that the magazine will never get another lucrative Zuckerberg interview.

So, in response, Valleywag reports, Fortune has acted with speed heretofore only known at Wall Street investment banks to purge Quittner as author of the Techland blog, replacing him with the man who recently suggested that Mark Zuckerberg is the next Bill Gates (David Kirkpatrick).

Could this possibly be true? Oh, no, they would never…  Meanwhile, Fortune is probably kicking itself for not signing up New York Times columnist Ben Stein, who made a year’s worth of hay over the weekend by railing about conflicts of interest at Goldman Sachs.

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