Fortune 500 Companies Are Being Grilled About Whether They're Protecting You From Hackers

hackathon laptop computer typing

Photo: Flickr/Dr. Papillon and Hoedic

West Virginia’s Democratic senator is tired of hearing about cybersecurity through the “filter of beltway lobbyists,” the Wall Street Journal is reporting.So, top lawmaker Jay Rockefeller wrote the CEOs of the Fortune 500 to ask precisely how they’re handling cybersecurity in the absence of a comprehensive cybersecurity law.

“The cyber threats we face are real and immediate, and Congress’ failure to pass legislation this year leaves the country increasingly vulnerable to a catastrophic cyber attack,” he said in the letter, according to WSJ.

The senator’s move comes the same day news emerged that Google, Amazon, Facebook, and 11 other companies formed a lobbying group on online privacy and security issues, Bloomberg reported.

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