These cold brew coffee shots give me my daily caffeine fix in just 2 ounces — and I love their TSA-approved size

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  • Getting your daily caffeine fix doesn’t have to involve a large cup of coffee – just take a shot instead.
  • With Forto, just two ounces contains 100mg of caffeine (or in some cases, 200mg), which is more than enough to kick-start your day.
  • Thanks to a couple new partnerships with coffee purveyors like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and The Original Doughnut Shop, Forto is offering a new and improved lineup of delicious coffee shots to get your through the week without downing cup after cup of joe.

You don’t have to sip your way through a Venti Americano just to get through your morning. Nor do you have to chug a Red Bull at 8 a.m. in order to face down your day. Instead, you can combine the two concepts and down a Forto, which gives you your daily dose of caffeine but in an approachable, ready to drink two-ounce serving.

Forto‘s organic cold brew coffee has slowly been making its way into caffeine-seekers’ homes throughout the year, but with its new partnership with four well-known brands in the coffee space, it’s likely that you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of these coffee shots in the weeks and months to come. At the beginning of November, the company partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and The Original Doughnut Shop in order to bring the flavours that you’ve come to know and love into a more easily consumable form.

All of these new coffee shots incorporate the same flavour associated with each brand, but in a 2-ounce plastic container instead of a 12-ounce paper cup. In total, there are three new flavours available across the two partnerships, but they all share one very important characteristic in common – each of these shots contains 100mg of caffeine, which is to say, the equivalent of one cup of coffee.

For the coffee purists who would prefer their coffee without any sweeteners or dilutions, my recommendation would certainly be the Green Mountain Pure Black coffee shot. I found the coffee flavour to be compounded by the small volume, but it’s not so strong that you’ll feel ill after downing the shot. Alternatively, there’s the gentler Doughnut Shop Sweet & Creamy Latte, which tastes more like a milkshake (in a good way) than a caffeine boost, and the Green Mountain Mocha, which integrates just the right amount of chocolate into the beverage to make it worth your while.


Later on in the year, Forto will also be capitalising upon partnerships with Krispy Kreme and Gevalia, which I can only hope will mean an even wider range of flavours and fixes.

Perhaps my favourite thing about these Forto coffee shots is how delightfully portable they are.

Throw them in your bag at the beginning of the day, and thanks to their leak-proof seal and TSA-approved size, these guys can go literally anywhere you go. When you’ve taken your shot, simply recycle the bottle.

While I was certainly sceptical about the amount of energy I’d be able to derive from a mere two ounces of caffeine, I’ve never been so pleased to be proven wrong. Not only does Forto reduce the amount of coffee breath that I (and more saliently, my coworkers) have to put up with, but these shots also make it such that I have to spend much less time getting my caffeine fix. And if the whole point of caffeinating is to maximise efficiency, then it seems that Forto is truly the pinnacle of productivity.

If you’re looking for even more caffeine out of your shots, Forto also offers 200mg versions of its products, all of which come in slightly sweeter flavours – there’s Vanilla Latte, Chocolate Latte, and Sweetened Black.

No matter which flavour you choose, you’ll be paying $US11.95 for a box of six, which comes out to just under $US2 per shot. And let’s be honest – if nothing else, that’s a better price than you’re currently paying for your morning cup of joe.

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