After winning nearly $90,000 playing 'Fortnite,' a streamer got an emotional call from his father that was captured on video

  • On Sunday, “Fortnite” streamer Malachi “Reverse2K” Greiner won nearly $US90,000 in one game.
  • As he celebrated his win, his father called to congratulate him, and things got emotional.
  • The entire exchange is a delight, and was thankfully captured on video.

“86 f—ing thousand dollars?! You’re gonna need a f—ing tax guy!” the father of “Fortnite” streamer Malachi “Reverse2K” Greiner exclaimed to his son on Sunday night.

“Reverse2K” had just won exactly that, $US86,000, in a single game of “Fortnite” during the Summer Skirmish series, a series of competitions centered around the game that takes place over eight weeks. And he won the $US86,000 without even placing first.

“You won $US26,000 more than first place!” his father Heath Greiner says during a video of the exchange, captured by the streamer himself post-game. We first saw the video over at Kotaku.

Malachi held onto the title of most kills – “Holding the Throne” in the parlance of “Fortnite” – which got him $US50,000 alone. Additionally, his placement overall in Sunday’s Summer Skirmish game got him another $US36,000. That put his total at an incredible $US86,000.

“I guess I would have to say it was in God’s hands,” Greiner told me in an email on Monday morning. “I was super fortunate to have this opportunity, and to be in this position at 17 [years old].”

It’s no surprise that tears were rolling down his face as he spoke to his father.

“I would too, brother!” his father says in an especially heartwarming moment.

Don’t miss the full clip right here:

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