A huge change just hit 'Fortnite' -- the big meteor struck, and it brought major new additions to the most popular game in the world

Epic GamesThe meteors have finally struck! Season four is on!
  • The much-anticipated meteor shower kicking off season four of “Fortnite” has arrived.
  • The meteor shower has reshaped the main island, altering some regions and (bizarrely) adding a few new ones.
  • Season four’s arrival was teased by a meteor that appeared in the sky above the game’s island, driving players to speculate about what would happen.

It’s finally here: The meteors have crashed in “Fortnite,” launching the fourth season of the game and fundamentally reshaping the geography of its main island.

Where there was once no massive crater in the ground, there now is.

Fortnite: Battle Royale (S4 map)Epic GamesSay goodbye to Dusty Depot — say hello to Dusty Divot!

Moreover, the site of the meteor crashes has a new item scattered about that when consumed enables players to bounce around in low gravity. They’re called hop rocks. Of course they are.

Here’s a short video of the new items in action, courtesy of Kotaku:

Most significantly, the main map of “Fortnite: Battle Royale” has changed pretty dramatically.

What was once Dusty Depot, a set of buildings smack in the center of the island, is now Dusty Divot, a crater. And where there previously was no drive-in movie theatre area named Risky Reels, there now is (in the upper right corner of the map).

Of course, beyond the major geographical changes as a result of the meteors, there’s a new season of “Fortnite” – the most popular game in the world, by some measures – for millions of players to dig into. People who buy the “battle pass” get a ton of new challenges that unlock a ton of new in-game stuff, from gliders to skins to emotes.

Check out the trailer for season four of “Fortnite”:

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