Fortnite players have finally found a way to land on Spawn Island

You can do it! Image: OrangeMan/YouTube

Fortnite players have landed on Spawn island.

That might not mean anything to billions of people, but there’s a certain type of gamer that can’t stand being able to see a destination and never reach it.

The most dedicated example is YouTuber Kurt J. Mac, who is still on his quest to find the edge of Minecraft which he started in March 2011.

The most recent are Fortnite players. In particular, Battle Royale players who start their game milling around on Spawn Island, waiting for the 100th player to join in so they can catch the boat to the main island and start trying to kill each other.

Spawn Island remains in view, and certain types of players can’t deal with that.

There are pages of videos of their attempts to get back there. Until now, none have succeeded.

Because now, they have a Shopping Cart.

The Shopping Cart arrived in an update last month, and is the game’s first real vehicle. Just like midnight every Saturday in every CBD, one player drives the Shopping Cart, the other one rides.

Basically, it lets you go faster. And speed is the key to making it to Spawn Island and YouTuber OrangeGuy found out.

Speed and a lot of materials, because you need to build quite a long ramp to get to the launch point.

Here it is – touchdown:


It looks like a glitch, but it’s a glitch that can be taken advantage of over and again. YouTuber Lachlan proved it a couple of hours later, and stole a couple of million views off OrangeGuy for his efforts.

And many, many have since followed.

No one has been able to achieve anything significant out of it though, but that’s not the point.

The point is why try to land on Spawn Island? Because it’s there.

Here’s OrangeMan’s full successful attempt:

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