The Love Triangle Between Padma Lakshmi, Teddy Forstmann, And Adam Dell Was More Complicated Than We Thought

theodore forstmann and padma lakshmi

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Next month’s Vanity Fair is going to include a deep dive in to the world of late billionaire private equity investor, gentleman and philanthropist Teddy Forstmann.Naturally, we can’t wait, and to ramp up anticipation, Vanity Fair has released some juicy details about a man who was no stranger to big names and scandal.

During his life-long bachelorhood, Forstmann was connected to fascinating women like Princess Diana and model Elizabeth Hurley.

In his last years, though, he was connected to celebrity chef Padma Lakshmi, and according to Vanity Fair, he wanted her daughter with billionaire venture capitalist Adam Dell to be raised as his own regardless of who the father was.

Lakshmi reportedly started seeing Dell while she and Forstmann’s relationship was on ice. When she took a paternity test, found out the child was in fact Dell’s and decided to tell him, Forstmann felt “heartbroken.”

From Vanity Fair:

Forstmann was very bitter about “losing” the baby to Dell—Cohen describes him as “heartbroken” over the whole thing, and he could be sensitive about the topic. At one point in Cohen’s interviews, a fashion-designer acquaintance approached their table at a restaurant, casually asking Forstmann, “Teddy, how’s your baby?” Forstmann, who icily replied “just fine” to her at the time, later flew into a profane rage. “My baby? She knows very well it’s not my baby. The b*tch! The f*cking b*tch! The g*dd*mn b*tch!”

Forstmann died in 2011 of brain cancer. He was 71 and had two adopted sons.