Forrester Eats Jupiter, Analyst Gartenberg Bolts For A Different Jupiter

Stop us if this sounds too much like Stephen Colbert’s explanation of AT&T (T) eating its young: Tech/gadget analyst Michael Gartenberg just started his new job at Jupitermedia, the company that, just a few years ago, spat out his old company, JupiterResearch.

Confused? Let’s back up.

Gartenberg — one of the more-respected tech industry analysts — is joining Alan Meckler’s Jupitermedia (JUPM) as VP of Mobile Strategy. He’ll be writing a new blog called Mobile Devices Today for Jupitermedia’s Mediabistro division, speaking at events, and investing in startups on the side.

In joining Jupitermedia, he’s leaving JupiterResearch, where he was a VP and research director. Forrester bought JupiterResearch for $23 million last month, which Jupitermedia sold to MCG Capital for about $10 million in 2006.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen Colbert’s AT&T bit yet, you’re missing out. Fast-forward to about 2:17 in the video below.

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