Electric car racing is coming to Brooklyn

Jaguar electric race car

Electric car racing is coming to New York.

Formula E, the world’s first fully electric racing series, is finishing off its season on a 1.21-mile race course in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The course winds around Pier 11 and the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and will take place July 29 and 30, 2017.

Don’t count the cars out just because they’re electric, either. The cars can get up to 180 mph on a straight course, and tend to hover around the 150 mph mark for twistier routes, Alejandro Agag, the chief executive of Formula E, told the New York Times.

Formula e nyc
The route the electric cars will race on. Jaguar

But battery life is still a problem, even for electric race cars. There will be 40 cars for the 20 drivers in the race so racers can switch when their car runs out of life, the NYT also reported.

The upcoming season is Formula E’s third and will kick off in Hong Kong in October, with the season concluding in Brooklyn. Secretive electric car start-up Faraday Future has entered this year’s race. Jaguar’s very first electric car will also enter Formula E this year.

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