FormMobi App Creates a Digital, Mobile Clipboard

The thought of filling out forms and entering data conjures up feelings of stress and boredom, but a la mode inc.’s recently launched FormMobi is one new mobile app that may ease the pain. FormMobi enables users to create and deploy custom forms from their smartphones and claims to have reinvented the clipboard.

The app seems to make the process of data coordination among teams more efficient. Users are able to log into a form’s base to create forms by dragging and dropping data elements such as billing addresses, dates, costs, and names into a form building area. Users can save the data to a cloud where it can be picked up by other members of their team when they log in via their Apple or Android devices.

Other nifty features include options that allow users to load photos, sign their names to reports, add voice notes and automatically geocode inputted addresses with a GPS.

Perhaps due to a la mode inc.’s background in real estate software, FormMobi users can also design sketches of floor plans by entering measurements into the app’s CAD Sketch feature. Using the sketcher, one can also make free hand sketches.

In our increasingly data-driven era, the app aims to take the headache out of having to manually enter handwritten data into a computer.

Perhaps the best thing about FormiMobi is its versatility, and its ability to make data accessible to other team members with the push of a button on one’s mobile device from anywhere in the world.

“We foresee FormMobi being the go-to app for businesses collecting and managing data in the field. With that in mind, we have several enterprise solutions ranging from simple API for getting data into back-end systems, to the upcoming SmartRules, which perform different actions based upon certain criteria in the form. Basically, there will be unlimited integration opportunities,” said Product Manager Dale Spoonemore.

FormMobi is currently available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Prices range from $9.99 per month for 100MB of storage and a single user to $99 per month for 10 users and 1GB of storage. 

A la mode has plans to further improve and embellish the app throughout the year.

“We’ve got a lot of great time-saving features coming down the pipe,” said Spoonemore. “Skip logic will allow users to be more efficient by easily skipping sections of the form that aren’t relevant. We’re adding a tool so users can completely customise their PDF, allowing them to send clients a professionally branded file straight from the device. And there will options for annotating and drawing on photos, further eliminating the need for a clipboard in the field.”

In an era where time and the environment are increasingly valued, let’s hope that more and more apps like FormMobi come around that can help us “go green” and boost efficiency.

Have you used FormMobi? What do you think?

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