A Former Yahoo Interim CEO Is Giving StockTwits A Boost

Ross Levinsohn and Marissa Mayer

The finance world’s social network is getting some major upgrades.
Ross Levinsohn is now on the board of Stocktwits, a social media platform for investors, traders, and entrepreneurs.

He was previously the chief executive of Guggenheim Digital Media, the digital arm of private equity firm Guggenheim Partners.

In 2012, he was the interim CEO at Yahoo. And prior to that role, he ran Yahoo’s sales, business development, and media divisions.

Stocktwits CEO, John Melloy, told BI:

“I couldn’t be happier to have a great media and tech mind like Ross join the board. After we met, he immediately saw the potential with our niche social network.”

Additionally, Robert Peck, a technology analyst at SunTrust, is also joining StockTwits. Melloy said that “With Ross and Bob, I have access to some of the best minds in this new media world we’re entering.”

Melloy also told BI that in September, StockTwits is planning a “total redesign” of their website and mobile sites. Additionally, they have “a slew of new features coming” including “a google-like search function that will allow you to find a stream on any topic, person, stock or combination of the two”.

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