HOUSE OF THE DAY: Terry Semel Wants $50 Million For This Glassy Beach House In Malibu

terry semel house

Photo: Hilton & Hyland/Wikipedia

Months after listing his Beverly Hills mansion, former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel is unloading a sprawling home on Malibu’s Carbon Beach—better known as Billionaire’s Beach—for $50 million, according to Curbed.In 2010, it was revealed that Semel, who resigned from Yahoo in 2007, was paid nearly half a billion dollars for his tenure at the company, which had been widely panned.

The pad, which is listed by Hilton & Hyland, has nine bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and 151 feet of prime waterfront space.

Not a beach lover? There's a gorgeous swimming pool.

It actually consists of three separate pavilions: a main house, a screening pavilion and a guest house.

Not a beach lover? There's a gorgeous swimming pool.

This place is truly a beach house.

Even the dining room is super casual.

The white and turquoise colour theme is used throughout the home.

There's a game room.

And nine bedrooms.

These bathrooms are pretty ordinary.

In truth, $50 million seems a little far-fetched.

But then again, look at that view.

Now check out the other house Semel recently listed.

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