Psst … Want To See The Notes Ex-Windows Boss Steve Sinofsky Took During Apple CEO Tim Cook's Keynote?

Steven SinofskySteven Sinofsky

Steven Sinofsky, former President of the Windows Division at Microsoft, has put up a post on his blog with notes from the recent “D11” conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD. 

Regarding Tim Cook’s interview at the event:

  • Sinofsky noted that Apple’s CEO placed heavy emphasis on the fact that iPhone owners use their devices more often, have greater satisfaction, and buy more apps than Android users despite having lower market share.
  • He also pointed out that Cook implied that Apple is working to make its services, such as iTunes and iCloud, work more seamlessly across their range of devices.
  • Based on the interview, Sinofsky believes that Apple will be “opening up” the iPhone to more user customisation at their Worldwide Developer Conference next week.

Sinofsky also took notes on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s appearance.

  • While some have pointed out that Facebook’s usage numbers have had some troubling signs of late, Sinofsky learned from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s interview that a higher percentage of users are logging in to Facebook every day than were five years ago. 
  • This may be in part attributed to the company’s shift to focusing on mobile, where the company has found impressive revenue growth from increased ad placement in recent quarters.
  • Regarding the company’s “Facebook Home” add-on to Android, Sandberg claims that most customer reviews are either extremely positive or extremely negative and that the company is working to address the major criticisms from its users.

At the interview with Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, Sinofsky thought…

  • it was interesting that the electric car mogul called Mars a fixer-upper “as far as planets go” – and that he believes it is humanity’s best bet for beginning our journey to colonizing other planets.
  • As for Tesla’s plans for its future electric vehicles, Sinofsky was impressed by the strategy of competing with gasoline-powered cars by shifting from high-cost supercars made in low volume to low-cost vehicles made in mass quantities as the technology develops and becomes more mainstream.

Click here to see Sinofsky’s notes from D11 in his own words >

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