Former Toyota Lawyer Can't Release Documents

AP Toyota Speech

It has been a hellish year for Toyota so far. But the latest news on one of the litany of lawsuits that have ensnared the car company reveals a small win.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Toyota won a temporary ruling against the company’s former lawyer, Dimitrios Biller, who claims to have some 6,000 confidential documents that prove the company hid evidence in previous rollover-accident suits.

These are the same documents that the plaintiffs lawyer E. Todd Tracy said didn’t contain a “shred of evidence” in December.

An arbitrator ruled that Biller cannot release the documents, but he will not have to turn over the documents to Toyota or give an inventory of them as Toyota wanted. The car company contends that if he reveals any documents he will violate his $3.7 million severance agreement.

The two sides have a long history in court. Biller worked for Toyota from 2003 to 2007. The company sued him in state court in 2008 for allegedly violating is severance agreement (the case is still pending), then he filed a lawsuit last July claiming the car company has an extensive track record of destroying evidence.


Read more of the recent ruling in Businessweek.

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