Former Steroids User Jose Canseco Claims That Baseball Is Now “100 per cent” Clean

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Jose Canseco is currently the player-manager of the Yuma Scorpions of the North American Baseball League.Yesterday he spoke to the Edmonton Journal, and had some interesting things to say about steroids in baseball:

“I think it’s 100 per cent clean, I really do. I think the testing now is adequate.”

“And, you know, the whole process of, if you’re caught you’re not going to be spanked in the hand now, your salary is going to be taken away, you’re going to (miss) some games and, in some instances, your career could be taken away.”

“It’s definitely working, and right now it’s not worth using steroids in baseball.”

That’s a huge shift from the guy who claimed that 85 per cent of players were using steroids in his tell-all book.

Canseco has been right in the past. In the interview, he (somewhat correctly) says that his naming of names “helped make it an even playing field.”

Power numbers are down across baseball. Last year’s home run numbers were the lowest they’ve been since 1993. And the consensus is that the lack of steroids is a big part that dip in power.

But the “100 per cent” figure is obviously an exaggeration, just like the “85 per cent” figure was an exaggeration when Canseco’s book came out.

Source: Edmonton Journal