Former Sex Worker Explains The Beauty Of Tax Deductions

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Photo: Flickr / The Great PINHOLIO!

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed’s Anna North, former sex worker Melissa Gira Grant explains the beauty of freelance tax deductions: “If you are working in the sex trade as an independent contractor, like other freelancers, you can claim some work-related expenses as write-offs,” Grant says.

“Usually this just serves as a kind of chuckle-chuckle for dude econ writers who think it’s absolutely hilarious that strippers could write-off heels and hair extensions. Tools of the trade, though.”

Grant’s right: So long as you can prove to the IRS that your wig or stilettos are necessary for your line of work (assuming it’s a legal line of work), you’re in the clear, says my father, a tax attorney based in Houston. “Keeping a log of what she’s doing, hopes to get out of it and (how it was used) would help. It’s not just enough to keep a receipt; you need to explain how it relates to your profession.”

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