Former SAP Exec Gets 30 Days In Jail And 3 Years Probation For Stealing LEGOs

Thomas Langenbach NBC Bay AreaThomas Langenbach

LEGOs can be expensive. Some of those super cool kits will set you back more than $US100.

So Thomas Langenbach, a former SAP executive reportedly living in a Silicon Valley home worth millions, came up with an interesting scheme to get them on sale, reports Palo Alto Online’s Sue Dremann.

Police say he printed up his own barcode stickers that gave him hugely discounted prices. Then he walked into the store, put his own barcodes on the boxes and headed to the checkout counter.

For instance, Langenbach allegedly bought a $US279 box of Millennium Falcon LEGOS for just $US49, and a $US90 Anakin Lego set for about $US35.

Langenbach was arrested in May and this week took a plea bargain. He was facing up to five years in prison. With the plea bargain, he’ll serve 30 days in a county jail, six months in custody and another three years probation, Dremann reports.

Selling Legos was quite a business operation for Langenbach, as we previously reported.

Langenbach sold many of his Legos on an eBay account that generated about $US30,000 between April and the time of his arrest, the police said.

Langenbach is no longer at the company, a SAP spokesperson confirmed. He was previously a vice president at the SAP Integration & Certification Center (ICC) in Palo Alto. He had been with SAP since 1988, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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