Michael Jackson Sued For $44 Million

Michael Jackson’s former publicist has sued him for $44 million, claiming the singer failed to pay her for her work managing his business affairs.

The breach of contract suit was filed by Raymone Bain, who first represented Jackson during his child molestation trial and later became the manager of the Michael Jackson Company, which handles his business affairs.

Bain claims that by 2006 she helped with all aspects of his life, including arranging his travel, security, meetings with record producers and even his emergency refinancing of the loans required to sustain his lifestyle.

The suit alleges that Jackson failed to pay Bain their agreed-upon 10 per cent commission on any deals he entered into that she helped negotiate.

Luckily, Jackson’s lined up a series of soldout concerts in London this summer, which could net him $400 million. Ironically, Bain said she helped negotiate those events.


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