Former PM Tony Abbott admits he was drunk and slept through a parliamentary vote in 2009

Tony Abbott. Picture: Getty Images

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has admitted that in 2009 he got drunk and slept through the vote on Kevin Rudd’s GFC bailout measures.

In an interview with ABC presenter and journalist Annabel Crabb set to air on September 5, Abbott confessed that after “a few bottles of wine” with Peter Costello and Kevin Andrews, he became so intoxicated he passed out on a couch in his office and “famously slept through several divisions”.

“It was a late night sitting, against all OH&S rules as you can imagine,” he said.

“I lay down, and the next thing I knew it was morning.”

Four years later, in 2013, the treasurer at the time, Wayne Swan, accused Abbott of the act. Abbott demanded Swan stop “telling lies”.

“This must be the world’s longest hangover. After more than four years, Mr Abbott still refuses to deny he was drunk,” Swan’s spokesperson said.

Abbott’s missing vote was crucial in the fate of the $42 billion fiscal stimulus package the House of Representatives was voting on.

The House with Annabel Crabb airs on Tuesday, August 8 at 8.00pm AEST.

The Herald Sun has more here.

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