Former NSW premier Kristina Keneally on Mike Baird: 'I've never thought he was a natural politician'

Former NSW premier Kristina Keneally. Photo: Getty Images.

New South Wales premier Mike Baird has announced he will resign from politics.

Today via Twitter, Baird said that after reflecting on reshaping the NSW Cabinet for the year ahead he decided he should step down as premier and retire from parliament.

Following the shock announcement, former premier of New South Wales Kristina Keneally told Sky News, while she thought Baird was a decent and honourable, he was never cut out for politics.

“I did always suspect that Mike Baird wouldn’t see out 2017 as premier,” she told Sky News.

“You could kind of see the signs there. We remember of course the greyhounds problems, but there have been a whole slew of problems for Mike Baird over this past year.

“He’s also not a natural politician. I’ve never thought he was a natural politician. I don’t think he quite enjoyed the cut-throat question time in politics.

“I think he is a very decent person, a very honourable human being and he will be a loss to this state.”

She thinks NSW now has a problem with the churn-through of premiers over the last six years, pointing out that there has been two premiers and three deputy premiers from the Coalition government in that time.


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