Former NFL Player Lost $26 Million In 6 Years, May Now Be Broke

vince young tennessee titans nfl

Photo: AP

According to an Associated Press story, NFL quarterback Vince Young is nearly out of money despite signing a rookie contract in 2006 that was worth a guaranteed $26 million.Young, who most recently played for the Buffalo Bills in the preseason before being cut, is mired in a legal battle over who is responsible for his financial woes (via

Young is suing his former agent and a financial planner, accusing them of misappropriating $5.5 million, through the use of forged signatures and impersonating Young. The two dispute the claim, alleging that Young was reckless with his money, and that Young’s uncle, who served as his business manager, approved all the financial moves.

No matter who is to blame, it is a sad fall in a very short period of time. Six years after winning the National Championship at Texas, and being the third pick of the draft, Young is out of football and seemingly out of money.

Then again, it is hard to feel sorry for a guy that once tried to use a credit card to get 8,000 $1 bills to use in a strip club.

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