Former NFL Player Gets Year In Jail For Beating Up His Accountant

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One-time Kansas City Chief Joe Bruner received a year-long prison sentence last week, after he was convicted of assaulting a CPA whom he blamed for legal and financial troubles.

Bruner, who was upset about an IRS refund that he believed was mishandled by accountant Wayne Montgomery, was accused of going into a rage during a meeting at his home in Florida. Bruner struck Montgomery in the face and the back of the head. (This was after allegedly waving a fake gun at his victim.) Montgomery also claimed that Bruner later called him in the middle of the night and threatened him by saying, “You just think battery. That was not battery. … Next whipping I’m giving you real battery.” However, Bruner was acquitted of threatening a witness.

This would actually be the second time Bruner has been accused of beating up a witness in a criminal case. He was arrested after allegedly feeding a cat to fighting dogs in 2009, but the animal cruelty case was eventually dropped, as were claims that he beat up the woman who turned him in.

Prosecutors claimed that “strength training” from Bruner’s football career contributed to the Montgomery assault, but ironically, Bruner claimed that football injuries left him too weak to beat up anybody. Bruner was drafted by the Chiefs in the 13th round of the 1976 NFL Draft.

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