Former Morgan Stanley Banker Who Sued Firm For Discrimination May Be Jail-Bound

A former Morgan Stanley banker who sued the firm for discrimination now finds himself most likely headed to jail—for resisting arrest in L.A.

Page Six: Kooky Christian Curry appears to be headed for jail. The former Morgan Stanley banker is scheduled to start a six-month sentence in Los Angeles next month for resisting arrest at a Hollywood restaurant.

Curry, who’s African-American, made headlines in 1998 when he sued Morgan Stanley for $1.35 billion, claiming racial and sexual discrimination after nude photos of him surfaced in a gay magazine and he was fired. He reportedly received a substantial settlement from Morgan Stanley in 2000…

Now he’s tearing up LA. In January of 2006, Curry – now married – was charged with resisting arrest at Roman’s, an Italian eatery on Sunset Boulevard…

Finally, on Nov. 4 of this year, he pleaded no contest to one felony count of resisting arrest. Curry was sentenced to serve six months starting on Jan. 21. However, two weeks ago, he filed a motion to withdraw his no-contest plea.

Curry’s now representing himself, which makes us not very optimistic about his odds of avoiding time behind bars.


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