Mark Latham Says Tony Abbott Is Wearing Beer Goggles If He Thinks Candidate Has 'Sex Appeal'

Photo: Getty/Jonathan Wood

He’s not a politician anymore, but former Labor Party leader Mark Latham’s still managed to put his foot in it.

Here’s what he said on radio station 3AW about Tony Abbott’s “sex appeal” comments, made about Liberal Candidate Fiona Scott:

“It showed very bad judgment and it shows he has low standards.

“I had a good look at Fiona Scott on page eight of The Australian today and she doesn’t have sex appeal at all.

“She’s not that good of a sort.”

“Tony had the beer goggles on and in politics they say it’s showbiz for ugly people and I don’t think she’ll be out of place.”

Latham was leader of the ALP between December 2003 and January 2005, when he quit after losing the 2004 election.

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