Former Hitmaker Scott Storch Arrested For Grand Theft Auto


Onetime hit producer Scott Storch, who’s been dealing with his share of money woes, was arrested for grand theft auto last night. He posted bail and was quickly released from jail.

But Storch’s arrest reveals another dimension to his liquidity problem. Apparently, he kept a Bentley he had been leasing since 2006 for a year after he was supposed to return it. Now the owners, Atlas Leasing Company, say Storch failed to comply with their agreement and his behaviour has cost the company $65,000 in revenue.

So, he couldn’t afford to make payments on his car but kept it anyways and now the vehicle’s been seized and Storch was arrested. Sounds about right. Storch has had an array of financial and legal problems lately, with the latter usually stemming from the former.

MTV News: In June 2008, he failed to show for a child-support hearing where he was accused of being behind in his payments. Storch was also way behind on paying his property taxes, owing the government $500,000 which resulted in having his $10 million Miami mansion foreclosed on.

No word if Storch is still rocking all the flashy jewelry he used to wear, but if so, may we suggest again, that he sell it. He clearly needs the cash.

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