A Far-Right Greek Party, With A Flag That Looks Like A Swastika, Is On The Verge Of Entering Parliament

Another election in Europe, another warning about nationalists.

This time it’s in Greece, where Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos is warning about the rise of the ‘Golden Dawn’ party, a far-right party that’s drawing enough in the latest polls to perhaps enter parliament.

From Ekathimerini

In an interview, the former finance minister warned against the rise of the ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn, which could win around 5 per cent of the vote, comfortably above the 3 per cent threshold for entering parliament.

“Golden Dawn is an extreme phenomenon, I believe they are an example of fascism and we radically oppose them. It’s an offence to our history and to parliament,» he told Reuters, suggesting Greece could be experiencing its version of Germany’s «Weimar» years which led to the rise of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler.

Golden Dawn, which vows to expel both legal and illegal immigrants and meets under a flag of an ancient Greek symbol similar to the swastika, has won over many of Greece’s poor by giving away clothes and food parcels.

Via Wikipedia, here’s the party’s flag. Not subtle.

Golden Dawn

Photo: Wikipedia

Anyway, warnings about similarities to Nazi/Weimar times are always fraught with risk, though Venizelos is making the same point that Dylan Grice made last year, in his famous chart comparing unemployment to the share of the Nazi party in Germany.

nazi party vote austerity germany socgen

Photo: www.businessinsider.com

When you look at nationalists bubbling up around Europe, there are at least some faint echoes of the past playing out.

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