Former Google exec Vic Gundotra’s ‘painful’ two year journey into a strange, new market

  • AliveCor makes a portable EKG reader – the kind of electric heart monitoring that’s standard in hospitals – and it’s been FDA-cleared.
  • Former Google executive and current AliveCor CEO Vic Gundotra explains what he learned during a ‘painful’ two-year FDA clearance process.

“As a former Google executive I was grossly misinformed about how medicine works and had to learn some painful lessons by making some mistakes that probably doubled the process,” Vic Gundotra told Business Insider in a candid interview.

Gundotra’s experience offers valuable lessons for the tech industry as it pushes into new markets like healthcare and transportation. For tech execs accustomed to playing by their own rules, the tightly regulated markets where the next big business opportunities lie present a special challenge.

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