Here's What A Former Google Employee Thinks Of That New Google Internship Movie

The Internship

Benjy Weinberger spent eight years as a Google software engineer, so we’d only expect him to have strong opinions on the comedy “The Internship.”

The movie follows Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s characters as they get Google internships despite being completely unqualified.

“Spoiler alert: it’s terrible,” Weinberger writes on his Tumblr page.

His complaints seem to be predominantly sociological. He disikes the movie for  “pandering to every imaginable Silicon Valley stereotype” as well as its poor portrayal of women.

He writes:

“Asian maths genius in thrall to a tiger mum? Check. Over-accented older Indian man in a sweater vest? Check. Nerds with poor social skills? Check. And, worst of all, sexually repressed female executive in need of a good shagging from Owen Wilson? You betcha.”

As far as how female characters are portrayed, Weinberger writes that the audience is only presented with “three insulting stereotypes” about females – the sexually repressed exec, the cliched stripper with a heart of gold, and the cosplay/hentai-loving fangirl.

He says that if he were a woman considering a career in tech, this movie would send him “running for the hills.”

“Newsflash! Many engineers are normal, well-adjusted people with hobbies and interests that go well beyond muggle quidditch. Some of us are women! Some of us like movies other than The X-Men!” he writes.

Hopefully we’re all intelligent enough to recognise that this movie is just that – a movie, with only the slightest basis in reality.

It’s not all tough critiques from Weinberger, however. He enjoyed the movie “not because it’s particularly funny, but as an extended game of ‘spot the cafeteria.'”

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