Former GetUp! Leader And Greens Candidate Simon Sheikh Is Getting Into Fund Management

Image: Facebook.

Former leader of Australian advocacy group GetUp! and Australian Greens candidate Simon Sheikh is moving into a career in fund management.

Sheikh is launching an ethical investment fund called Future Super in the coming months, Business Insider understands.

Future Super will be a diversified fund which will invest in financial services, biotech, fixed interest products and will avoid fossil fuel or environmentally harmful ventures. It will be similar to other ethical funds which avoid, for example, tobacco companies, but with an environmentally-friendly mix of investments.

It’s understood two former Australian Ethical Investment employees are also involved in the fund, including the company’s previous executive director James Their. Former JP Morgan banker Jemma Green, now a research fellow at Curtin University in WA, is also working on the venture.

Sheikh spoke in his capacity as “founder and CEO” of Future Super at a Melbourne University event in June.

Between 2008 and 2012 Sheikh was the national director of political group GetUp!

During his tenure he campaigned for the carbon tax and increased funding for mental health.

He also ran as the Green’s ACT candidate in the 2013 election. His platform included protecting jobs in Canberra, marriage equality, and trying to stop the Liberal Party from gaining a majority in the Senate.

Sheikh conceded defeat to Liberal Party candidate Zed Seselja in the race for an ACT Senate seat.

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