INSTANT MBA: Former Facebook Engineer Says You Should Be Embarrassed About Your Product At First

Scott Marlette

Photo: Jefferson Graham via flickr

Today’s advice comes from Scott Marlette, co-creator of Facebook’s photo sharing application, via Fast Company:“There’s a saying in Silicon Valley: If you’re not embarrassed about your product you’ve spent too much time on it. You build, test the product a little, launch then figure out what people want.”

Marlette is now using his innovative engineering skills on his own company. Last year he and Doug Hirsch launched GoodRx, a website and mobile app with a database of 400 million prescription drug prices that allows users to search and find the most affordable prescriptions on the market. 

After navigating the early stages of his startup, Marlette learned that perfecting your product should not be priority. Instead, you should focus on completing the product well, but letting people get their hands on it faster.

Going by the rule of thumb in Silicon Valley, Marlette explains that spending a long time in development is not the best route. While you may become more confident in your idea, your product will have less time on the market and that is more important. 

“At GoodRx we’ve taken a development approach of ‘Let’s do a good job and just get it out there.’ We don’t need to perfect so much behind the scenes.”

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