Ex-Dell CEO: People Don't Want A Microsoft Tablet

Kevin Rollins, the former president and CEO of Dell, explained why Microsoft may have a difficult time gaining traction in the tablet market during an interview with Bloomberg West on Tuesday.

“I don’t know that customers are begging for a Microsoft-based system. They are very happy with Apple and very happy with Android,” Rollins said in the interview. “The one thing going for Microsoft is they do have a large corporate base.”

However, Rollins says that existing customer base might not be enough to stop Microsoft from being “locked out” of the tablet market.

“It’ll just be a matter of whether a Windows 8 system is going to be that desirable by customers and employees in a new market where to a great extent employees are going to start buying their own tablet and that will be the device they use at work and at home,” he said. “They might not have a choice. Microsoft may be locked out too.”


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