Former Bloomberg TV Reporter Lizzie O'Leary Shares The Secret To Jeopardy Success

Lizzie O'Leary

Photo: screenshot via Jeopardy!

CNN correspondent and former Bloomberg TV reporter Lizzie O’Leary participated on the trivia game show Jeopardy! last night as part of the show’s “Power Players” series.Although O’Leary lost to former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs after being a little too risky with her final Jeopardy bet, she was in the lead before the final question and everyone’s still buzzing about her fantastic performance last night.

O’Leary spoke with GQ on her discovery of how to be successful on the hard-hitting trivia game—apparently, it really is all about the buzzer. She told GQ—

There’s a set of lights that go on after Alex finishes saying the question, indicating that the buzzer channels are open. But if you buzz in before that, you’re locked out for a fraction of a second. It’s so frustrating! I mean, I’m not stupid! I’m sitting there hitting the thing over and over—but if you buzz in early it just doesn’t matter.

It happened on a million questions. It totally sucked! I was not prepared for that. I finally figured out that you have to read the clue, and then listen to Alex, and then you have to buzz in on the last syllable of the last word of what he’s saying.

Read the rest of what she had to say about her Jeopardy! gig on GQ >

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