Microsoft Exec Fired For Pushing The Limits Says He'd Go Back To Company If They Wanted Him

Eric Hadley

Eric Hadley, one of the Bing marketing executives Microsoft fired last week, says that he had a great experience at Microsoft and would work there again if given the opportunity.

He had no comment on the specifics of the investigation and his departure.

But he seems to bear no ill will toward Microsoft, and called working there “the best experience of my life.”

Last week, Microsoft said Hadley and his colleague Sean Carver were fired for “for violation of company policies related to mismanagement of company assets and vendor procurement.” This morning, AdAge reported that the violations included problems with purchase orders for the Bing Bar — a celebrity hangout that Microsoft constructed in Park City, Utah, during the last Sundance Film Festival — and an improper $1 million payment to Co Collective, which was not a Microsoft-approved vendor.

Those don’t seem like career-ending violations, and we’ve heard chatter from several sources that the remaining members of the Bing marketing team are nervous about the sudden departures and Microsoft’s unusually public statement about them.

But Hadley thinks the Bing marketing team will “bounce back” just fine, and has lots of confidence in new leader Mike Nichols.

Hadley and Carver, who has been called the “spiritual leader” of the group, follow a couple other Bing marketing execs out the door: Danielle Tiedt, who got a new job at YouTube last month, and Yusuf Mehdi, who left for Xbox in November. It’s a pretty big set of changes for a team has less than 100 people on it.

Microsoft has no further comment on the departures of Hadley and Carver.

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