Former "Big Shot" Writes Opus On The Death Of Trading While Selling Rolex On Craigslist

Earlier this week, Hugh Hendry called the top of the financial industry.

Now here’s a sign he was on to something.

A tipster, Karn Dhingra, just alerted us to this listing on Craigslist, which he found here.

The seller, a former trader, wants to get rid of his Rolex, a prize he bought himself for $3,000 – $4,000, give or take a thousand bucks, what’s the difference, back when he was a “big shot trader.”

Now because “the world of industrial trading has been flushed down the toilet like a two day old corn dog,” he says, his life is in ruins.

What he writes is strangely poetic. We’d analyse it but the beauty is in its simple truth, so you’ll see how the Rolex becomes a metaphor for his life instantly.

Read his Craiglist opus and hear his desperation:

“I am selling this Rolex I purchased back in 2001 when I was a big shot trader. I remember hearing how Rolex watches retain if not go up in value over time and how it sounded like a good investment at the time.

“That may be true -but when your ex-wife leaves with everything except your under water mortgage, you owe 50 large to guy named Shorty and the world of institutional trading gets flushed down the toilet like a two day old corn dog- that Rolex is only worth what I can get to apply to my Amex bill.

“I paid somewhere between three and four three and four dollars for the watch. You can have it now for just $2k or just make me an offer (Why pretend to be a good trader now?)”

“No this isn’t an actual picture. But that’s the watch. It’s a Rolex Blue Face Datejust. That’s All I know.”

If we could title this opus for him, that’s what we’d call it: “It’s a Rolex Blue Face Datejust. That’s All I Know.”

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