Former Australian billionaire Nathan Tinkler failed to front up to the Supreme Court -- now there's a warrant order for his arrest

An arrest warrant order has been issued for financially embattled Newcastle entrepreneur Nathan Tinkler after he failed to appear before the Supreme Court in South Australia.

Tinkler was due to appear on Monday to answer questions related to the liquidation of his Hunter Valley thoroughbred breeding stud Patinack Farm.

The Newcastle Herald reports Tinkler’s lawyers were trying to have the case adjourned, however, this morning the liquidator, , was informed Tinkler had “sacked” his legal counsel.

The plaintiff, in this case Anthony Matthews and Associates, then appealed for an arrest warrant order to be issued for Tinkler and Judge Steve Roder complied, citing grounds of contempt.

However, according to a spokesperson for the Supreme Court, an arrest warrant can only be issued after the plaintiff has signed off on this approved order, which has not yet been done.

In March, Tinkler paid $400,000 towards the company’s debt to avoid having to appear in court, however, negotiations deteriorated and he was subpoenaed to appear this week.

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