Former CEO Ribs Microsoft's 'Bing'

jim lanzone

One of the criticisms of Microsoft’s (MSFT) forthcoming “Bing” search engine is that it looks like a redo of what IAC’s (IACI) tried (and failed at) a few years ago.

No holding back quippy former CEO Jim Lanzone! (He’s now an entrepreneur in residence at Redpoint Ventures.)

Responding to our former colleague Peter Kafka — now at All Things D — who pitched a throwdown after the Bing demo between Lanzone and VC Chris Fralic…

“@pkafka why duke it out? The old Ask team is very proud of what Microsoft just launched,” Lanzone Tweeted.


Update: On Twitter, Lanzone says he was kidding and that Microsoft’s move is “smart.” We assumed he was being sarcastic all along. But happy to clarify.

@fromedome look at you stirring things up Don King! was just kidding response to kafka. glad to see MSN take this direction. it’s smart.

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