Microsoft Hiring Secret Weapon To Fight Apple Retail Stores

apple store windows 7

Microsoft is getting help from the guy who was key to Apple’s retail success, TechFlash reports.

George Blankenship, former VP of real estate at Apple (AAPL), is now consulting with Microsoft for its retail stores.

Apple hired Blankenship to help with its 2001 Apple retail rollout, and his location choices have been instrumental in the stores’ success.

Blankenship went against the norm and chose to locate Apple Stores in high-traffic and affluent neighborhoods, instead of trying to find cheaper real estate or choosing technlogy-centric shopping areas.  The idea was to make up for the high real estate costs through the high volume of business that came with being in high-traffic areas.

And it worked. Though we are not sure if the same will work for Microsoft (MSFT). The two companies will have different retail goals. Microsoft’s stores are more about branding, rather than sales.

Microsoft’s COO recently announced that some Microsoft Stores might be located near Apple Stores. He also insisted that Microsoft won’t imitate Apple.

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