Former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki says there are 5 million people 'who will buy anything Apple makes'

Former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki hasn’t rushed out to buy the Apple Watch; he’s still rocking a classic, regular analogue watch.

And he’s in no rush to slap Apple’s foray into wearables on his wrist. However, he explained if he did get one it would make his wife, who he said texted him a lot, happy because he’d see the messages.

“I have it in my cart and if it had said May or June delivery, I would’ve bought it,” he said. “But it said July and I just want it for not the most dramatic reasons.

“The only issue is the battery life.

“I think most people are thinking that way. I think there is probably 5 million people in the world who will buy anything that Apple will make, so right now that’s who’s buying the watch.”

He said Apple’s tendency to upgrade the tech every year means he’s happy to hold out for a watch that might last two days.

“If I could discipline myself to wait a year, I’d buy the $400 model. I don’t know why anyone would by the $10,000 model because five years from now it’ll be worth $500.

“But a $10,000 Patek Philippe will be worth $10,000,” he said.

“It’s more likely that a Watch will not be jewellery than Apple will make a watch so incredible it will become jewellery.

“The Watch is going to become a disposable item like the phone.”

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