Former AOL Exec Jon Miller: Yes To Tai Chi With Lou Reed, No To Steve Ballmer

Former AOL CEO, current new media VC Jon Miller is supposed to join Yahoo’s (YHOO) board later today. But he’s declined Microsoft’s (MSFT) offer to run its flailing Web unit.

We’ve assumed that’s because Jon doesn’t want to move from New York to Seattle to run a doomed division for an angry billionaire. But the LA Times offers up a different explanation: Jon doesn’t have time to run a company, becauseĀ  he’s too busy exercising:

For 18 hours each week, Internet investor Jonathan Miller studies tai chi in New York with legendary master Ren Guang-Yi, whose devotees include Lou Reed, Bette Midler, Hugh Jackman and other celebrities.

During the sessions, Miller’s lanky frame flows through fluid, continuous movements, punctuated by quick bursts of energy. Three decades of Chinese martial arts have made his limbs so supple that he can do the splits at 51. And the physical and mental discipline has sharpened his ability to quickly size up and react to situations while remaining calm even in the adrenaline-spiking pitch of combat.

Actually, the LAT has buried the more interesting tidbit farther down in the story: Miller, who was supposed to join the Yahoo board, might not, after all. No explanation given:

After much speculation that he would join Yahoo’s board, two people familiar with the situation said Thursday that he might not. Miller and Yahoo declined to comment.

Photo: Lou Reed (?) via LA Times

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