Former AD’s Settlement With Rutgers Includes $1.2 Million And A Free iPad

tim pernetti

After video showing former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice abusing his players, Tim Pernetti resigned as athletic director at the school. But thanks to a settlement with the university, Pernetti is not leaving empty-handed.

According to an Associated Press report, Pernetti will receive $1.2 million in salary, an iPad, a laptop, “car allowance,” and two years of health insurance. The $1.2 million represents Pernetti’s salary through June, 2014.

In addition, Rutgers has agreed to provide lawyers for Pernetti if he is named in a lawsuit related to his job at Rutgers.

While paying all or part of an athletic director’s remaining salary is standard practice in cases where the person is fired or forced to resign, the other perks raise questions. As a public university, those items were essentially property of the state of New Jersey. And considering where the athletic department is now, many in the state will wonder why one of the key players in the scandal gets parting gifts on the way out the door.