Forget Football—Running Is America's favourite Sport

Boston Marathon


Registration for the 2011 Boston Marathon opened on Monday at 9 a.m. Eight hours later all 21,000 spots were filled.It took 65 days for registration to close last year, and 144 days the year before, the Wall Street Journal reports. And this is for a race that requires entrants to post qualifying times.

That astronomical growth shows just how popular running has become in America. And its a sport that people play, not watch from their living room couch.

In 2009, 1.32 million people completed timed road races in America, Running USA reported, up 43 per cent from 2000. That’s enough serious runners to keep some fledgling footwear company afloat.

So while the sports apparel industry loves to talk about exclusive contracts with leagues, LeBron’s newest sneakers, and specialty fitness footwear, it should probably cast a watchful eye towards the market for running gear.

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