This New App Lets You Bet Real Money On Your Friends' Relationships

Here’s a great way to put a riff in your friendships: download the new Forever Not app.

Forever Not is a gambling game that allows you to anonymously rate your friends’ relationships and wager on whether they’ll live happily ever after with their significant other.

Its interface is similar to that of Tinder. Linked through Facebook, the app will show you a couple, either celebrity or your friends. You swipe left to give the couple a “forever” rating, and right for a “not.” You can use real money to make bets on their happiness.

Here’s how it works:

Log in with Facebook (anonymously, of course). Then you can swipe left for “FOREVER” in love if you think the couple you’re looking at has staying power, or swipe right for “NOT” if you don’t.

Track the couples: view photos and their Forever Not Relationship Scores, which seems more like a weird obsessive stalking tool more than anything else because you can monitor the couples and bet on them. Yikes. You can cash out real money!

Review celebrity profiles to catch the latest headlines and photos, and bet on your favourite celebrity couples, and after 30 days, you can cash out on your friends’ breakups.

You can read more about the app and download it here.

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