Foreign Press Opens labour Talks To Save "Globes"

File under bizarre: the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the nebulous organisation that owns the Golden Globe Awards, has started talks with the Writers Guild of America to reach a separate Letterman-style agreement that would allow the NBC telecast to go forward. A statement from Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Jorge Camara, via Deadline Hollywood Daily:

I am happy to announce that on Saturday morning, December 29, 2007, our attorneys began discussions with the Writers Guild of America to enter into an interim agreement similar to that entered into by the WGA and Worldwide Pants, which permits writers guild members to go back to work writing for The Late Show With David Letterman. We feel that the Late Show With David Letterman agreement is very reasonable, and hope and expect the WGA will agree to the same terms and ultimately permit the “Golden Globe Awards” to be broadcast as scheduled, without picket lines, on Sunday, January 13.

Last month, after the guild granted a “script waver” to SAG allowing the Screen Actors Guild Awards to go forward, the HFPA floated the notion that it, too, would ask for a waiver, but Variety said “few expect it to be granted.”

Now, the HFPA says it’s in talks to reach a labour deal with the WGA, but here’s a question: given the fact that the Hollywood Foreign Press has no other significant function than to collect votes, award its Globes, and hand out grants to arts organisations, what took it so long to sit down with the WGA? And if the WGA is targeting NBC to negotiate its own deal, why help them out by allowing the highly-rated “Globes” to go off without a hitch?

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