For The Next 36 Hours, This Room Is The centre Of The World

ATHENS, GREECE — This picture was taken in room 16 of the Zappeion Conference And Exhibition centre, a beautiful building surrounded by gardens that’s about a 10 minute walk away from the Greek Parliament in Athens.

For the next day or so, it will be the nerve centre for the entire world, as it’s ground zero for foreign media who have come to cover Sunday’s election.

In the room are over 150 computers, hundreds of phones, multiple wifi networks, and a 9-panel TV screen that will be airing CNN, France 24 and local networks like SKAI and Mega.

The interest in this election is massive, as it threatens to determine Greece’s status inside the Eurozone, and therefore the future of the Eurozone itself.

If left-winger Alexis Tsipras wins, he promises to completely reject the current bailout terms, thus putting Greece at risk for expulsion should the ECB cut off its banks. If that happens, then other weak European nations will see a template for how to exit, and the domino effects could be significant.

If the conservative Antonio Samaras wins, the status quo is maintained, and Greece may or may not get room to negotiate the terms of its bailout going forward.

We’ll be providing LIVE coverage of the election from this room and elsewhere all day tomorrow.

greece convention hall

Photo: Business Insider


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