Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop Has Been Named Harper's Bazaar's 'Woman Of The Year'

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has been named Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘Woman of the Year’ for 2014.

Sworn in as Australia‚Äôs first female Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs on September 18, 2013, Bishop is described by political and public figures, Gina Rinehart and Attorney-General George Brandis, in the magazine feature as “the complete political product”.

Among her many other achievements in Australian politics, such as also being the first female Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Bishop is the only woman in the current cabinet.

Not afraid to admit that her career has meant she has had to make certain sacrifices order to be successful, she has always been proud of her achievements.

“I went into federal politics with the secret hope [of becoming] Foreign Minister. It’s the greatest opportunity I could ever wish for. I am living my dream.”

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