The Foreclosed Mansions Of The Formerly Wealthy

foreclosed homes

Photo: RealtyTrac

The rich haven’t been pardoned in the housing crisis and economic downturn the United States has been weathering.Mansions across the country are being foreclosed on and are still actively for sale.

Their previous owners must have been making a fortune to afford mortgages on these places in the first place.

Foreclosure real estate listings site RealtyTrac has helped us track down 8 insanely lavish forclosed mansions right now, all of which are selling for more than $3 million.

In some cases, unsellable new McMansions have been bulldozed as a cheaper alternative to keeping them on the market, according to The Daily. So far, these homes have avoided that fate.

This Charlotte, N.C. mansion, which has seven bedrooms, is on sale for $2.99 million

Source: RealtyTrac

This Shady Cove, Ore. home with a separate recreation centre is on sale for $3.4 million

Source: RealtyTrac

This $3.475 million Snowmass, CO home sits on 37 acres of property

Source: RealtyTrac

This $3.39 million Daniel Island, SC estate has a creek and marsh on the property

Source: RealtyTrac

This San Juan Capistrano, CA home has 8.5 bathrooms and is listed for $3.5 million

Source: RealtyTrac

This Park City, UT home has seven bedrooms and is on the market for $4.5 million

Source: RealtyTrac

This 8,000-square-foot Chicago house is listed at $4.5 million

Source: RealtyTrac

This home in Scottsdale, AZ spans 12,000 square-feet and is on sale for $4.5 million

Source: RealtyTrac

Here's where the still-wealthy are living

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