The Forecast For Google Glass [SLIDE DECK]

annualsales 1

We at BI Intelligence have put together a comprehensive research report that forecasts the future market for Google Glass. We expect that Google Glass will go mainstream within a few years, and we provide high, mid and low-range sales estimates that could result based on a number of factors.

In the report, we explain the model and methodology behind the forecasts in detail, and analyse each of the key strategic components that will have a significant impact on the market for Google Glass. Our research report is accompanied by a slide deck, part of which is posted here. We hope you enjoy it.

BI Intelligence is a research and analysis service focused on mobile computing and the Internet. Subscribers can access our full report and presentation, and download the entire deck as a PDF or PowerPoint, as well as any of the individual charts from the presentation. Please sign up for a free trial here.

Want to access our full research report and presentation on Google Glass?

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