Ford's final Falcon has sold out in one day

The XR6 Turbo Sprint was the first to sell out.

Ford’s last and fastest ever Falcon officially went on sale yesterday, and all 1400 cars are already sold out.

The final edition Falcon Sprints come in both XR6 Turbo and XR8 variants, offering the same level of performance that European sports cars well over $100k cost, but these start at just $55k.

Most of the cars though were snapped up by dealers without even knowing anything about the cars, but regardless of performance, the final edition Falcon was always going to sell out as the homegrown hero’s 56-year history comes to an end.

Of the final 1400 Falcon Sprints to be built, 850 of them will be XR8 Sprints and 550 XR6 Sprints. New Zealand will be receiving 50 of the XR6 variants and 100 of the XR8 variants.

Opportunistic dealers are already taking advantage of the sell out, with listings on Car Sales showing XR8 Sprints advertised between $77,880 and $79,990 – around $20,000 over the RRP.

With Ford’s Australian factories shutting down in October, the Sprint models are the final swansong to the historical car.

The XR8 Sprint will receive a modest boost from its 335kW/570Nm Supercharged V8 in the standard car to 345kW/575Nm, although it’s likely that Ford’s figures will be conservative to preserve the exclusivity of the limited edition FPV GT F 351. It’s priced from $59,990.

The XR6 Turbo will receive a big power boost, jumping from 270kW/533Nm in the standard model to a huge 325kW/576Nm in the Sprint edition. However, with overboost it will see 370kW of power and 650Nm of torque. It’s quite a bit cheaper than the V8 model, starting at $54,990.

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